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It’s Still Possible to Obtain an Annulment Even If Your Spouse Won’t Sign the Annulment Papers




Respected by Nevada Courts and Judges, Attorney James Smith has 25+ years experience helping 1000's of clients like you regain their freedom by filing an annulment in Nevada.

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This Nevada annulment attorney handled my annulment in Nevada in a timely, professional, and maybe most importantly, thoughtful manner. Being able to consult with an attorney for the same price I would have had to pay for a paralegal was a great relief and the lawyer took the necessary time to make sure everything was perfect before submitting my paperwork at court. After submission,my Nevada annulment was granted in 4 days! Thank you!
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Step-by-step process of filing a Complaint for Annulment

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Complete this secure Nevada Annulment Form (safe server).   Your ready-to-sign one-signature annulment documents will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Not sure whether or not you are eligible or have a valid reason as per the statutes for a Nevada annulment? Contact us. We’ll reply promptly with an answer for you.


Once we receive the documents back from you signed and notarized, your annulment will be
in family court in Las Vegas (or other court in Nevada if this is more appropriate for your case). A Summons will be issued and we will retain a process server retained to serve the Defendant with the Complaint for Annulment and Summons. Once the Defendant has been served, Defendant has up to 21 days to file an Answer contesting the annulment.


Provided the Defendant does not file an Answer in Family Court,  we should have a decision from the judge on your one-signature annulment in about 12-16 weeks. The exact length of time depends on whether the Defendant can be served personally or must be served by publication (if the Defendant’s location is unknown it can take up to 20 weeks), and also the pace at which your judge processes and makes decisions on annulments.
Occasionally, a judge will call a hearing before granting an annulment, especially a one-signature annulment. Should yours be the rare case where that occurs, you attend by phone while the attorney is in the courtroom.

STEP 4: (final step)  We e-mail the final Decree of Annulment to you as soon as it becomes available to us.

One-Signature Nevada Annulment

From $1299 and court costs*

     You sign, we do the rest!

Your Advantages when you retain us:

  • Annulment Attorney with 25+ years experience
  • NO residency if married in Nevada
  • Documents usually ready in 1 day or less
  • No court appearance if not contested
  • Full Service Attorney – we do the filing!

one-signature annulmentGUARANTEE

  • A licensed Nevada attorney with 25+ years of experience represents your interests.
  • Your ready-to-sign annulment documents are in your Inbox in no later than 24 hours after you retain us.
  • Prompt and diligent processing of your case through the court system. We don’t “sit” on documents.
  • Timely response to your status request. We take your calls and reply to your emails even after you pay us.
  • Dedication to truly serving your needs with compassion, to the best of our ability and power.

Your spouse won’t sign? Or you’ve lost track of him or her?

Getting an annulment is still possible even if your spouse won’t sign the annulment documents and even he or she cannot be found.

    • We file a one-signature annulment for you and follow family court procedure for this type of annulment. Getting an annulment in this way means that one party acts as Plaintiff (the person who signs the Complaint for Nevada Annulment), and the other as the Defendant. The Defendant gets served with the Complaint for Annulment and the Summons
    • In some cases, the Defendant ignores receipt of the Complaint for Annulment and does nothing, in which case the annulment continues as an uncontested annulment matter. If this occurs, a Default is submitted the court on Day 22 after the date of personal service (through a process server) or after the last date of the publication of the Summons if the Defendant could not be found by the process server
    • If your annulment develops as above, it is still considered an uncontested Nevada annulment
    • If the Defendant files an Answer denying the allegations in the Complaint for Nevada Annulment, meaning the Defendant claims that the valid reason you used is false or incorrect, the annulment is now considered contested
    • Once a Nevada annulment becomes contested, a court hearing is usually scheduled by the judge. In most cases, you may attend the court hearing over the phone while the attorney is in the courtroom on your behalf. If you represent yourself by filing your case on your own using a typing service or paralegal, you might have to appear in court in person.

When you cannot locate your spouse:
If you have no idea where your spouse is located, you may obtain a Nevada annulment through a Publication process. This involves a skip trace and possible attempted service on your spouse by a process server at the last-known address, followed by publication of the Summons in a newspaper if the process server could not find your spouse to personally serve him/her.

Once your spouse has been properly served either in person or by publication, a Default may be entered on Day 22 after the last date of publication. Once the Default is granted, your Decree of Annulment can be submitted for your judge’s signature on the Nevada Decree of Annulment

Who is your attorney?

Attorney James E. Smith, a licensed Nevada attorney (Bar #052) based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been representing clients like you since 1985.

We treat you, and your Nevada annulment case, with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. As a member of the Nevada State Bar it’s required of him so you know that it’s more than just words on a webpage; you can actually count on it.

We provide you with actual licensed attorney representationand not just typing of documents. And we file your Nevada marriage annulment at court – not you. All you do is sign!


There are NO court hearings in Nevada for uncontested annulments of marriage for a large majority of cases, though it’s more prevalent if the reason is misrepresenation and your spouse did not sign the documents. We have seen it all, such as no hearings for more than ten-year old marriages to hearings for two or three year old marriages.

Our company NEVER requires you to attend a hearing; this is a decision only the judge assigned to your case can make; be wary of anyone who tells you different or promises you that there are never any hearings at all. When you file in Proper Person using a typing or paralegal service, you might have to show up in court personally if there is a hearing. When an attorney represents you, it is rare for your personal presence to be requested by the judge. The attorney appears in person and you appear by phone.

* Court Filing Fees (currently $328 for a Joint Petition annulment; $269 for Complaint; $217 for Answer; $56 court fees for a two-signature annulment, or $61 for a one-signature annulment) and cost of process service (if applicable to your annulment case) is additional. Average process service cost if Defendant can be served in person is $125 in Nevada and $160 in other states. Average cost for publication when required is $150. If Defendant lives outside the U.S. and does not sign the documents, process service fees will be higher.

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