Do you Qualify for a Las Vegas Marriage Annulment?

Las Vegas is a very popular wedding destination. People from all over the world come here to get married because it’s easy. That is great, however, people sometimes get married too quickly because of it. This leads to a need for a Las Vegas marriage annulment.

People from all over the world often come to Las Vegas with only the intent of vacationing here. But, with the large number of enticing wedding chapels, and the cocktails being pushed on them all day long, some end up married on the spur of the moment. And it’s not always a happy thing to wake up to a marriage certificate on the night stand of your hotel room. What seemed like a great idea the night before makes you cringe the next morning.

Then, there are the people who come to Las Vegas with the intent to get married, but they are getting married to someone they don’t know very well. This is often after only a long-distance relationship, and having either never seen one another in person, or having only seen one another in person once or twice for a brief period of time, like a weekend here and there. One of them might have lied to the other about certain aspects of their life, such as financial resources, the health of their credit, or about having a criminal record, things that our clients did not discover until after the marriage.  Sometimes, one of them wants to be married to the other so bad that they’re willing to say anything, which is a sad thing and not a good deal for the one being lied to.  During our years in practice, we have seen all sorts of reasons why people might want to file an annulment.

We have had situations where for the parties to be able to live together in one country or another, they must be married, and getting married here is easier than elsewhere, so the parties come here to do it. In their rush to get married, they neglect to check the background of their intended, and later find out things that had they known them before the marriage they never would have married.

On more than one occasion, we have had clients who must get married for immigration to allow one of them to move to the country where their spouse lives.  This is perfectly legitimate, however, we have represented clients in their Las Vegas marriage annulment where the spouse simply used them to obtain residency either in this country, or another, without the intent to remain married once residency was obtained. This is a sad thing, but we come across this situation more often than we would like to see happen.

We have been successful in getting such sham marriages annulled, using the reason that the other party married our client simply to obtain residency instead of it being a good faith marriage. The problem for the spouse who lied in this situation is that, at least in the case of the United States, they will never again be able to obtain residency here because of the fraudulent marriage.

All in all, the point is that if you come to Las Vegas and get married here, or anywhere else in Nevada,  and the marriage turns out to be different than what you have expected, you can often obtain an annulment of your Las Vegas marriage, as long as you have a valid reason under Nevada Statutes.

We represent clients in their Las Vegas marriage annulment for all sorts of reasons and we work with our clients to determine their eligibility and their valid reason. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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