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Las Vegas Joint Petition Annulment

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This Nevada annulment attorney handled my annulment in Nevada in a timely, professional, and maybe most importantly, thoughtful manner. Being able to consult with an attorney for the same price I would have had to pay for a paralegal was a great relief and the lawyer took the necessary time to make sure everything was perfect before submitting my paperwork at court. After submission,my Nevada annulment was granted in 4 days! Thank you!
B.G. Riverside, CA

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James Smith

James Smith

Annulment Attorney


  • We file joint petition annulments when either or both parties were intoxicated at the time of this marriage or when one or both of the parties were already married to someone else at the time of this marriage.
  • Both parties must sign the joint petition and the decree. Once the joint petition and decree have been signed and notarized, the joint petition is filed with the Court and the decree submitted for the signature of the judge assigned to your case. Once the judge signs the Decree of Annulment, the clerk files it and your annulment becomes final.
  • Your annulment can be obtained in as little as one week using a Joint Petition depending on the judge to whom your case gets assigned, though it can take two to even three weeks if the court is extremely busy or the judge to whom your case is assigned is also very busy. The average is about 10 days.

Joint Petition Annulment

$550 and court costs*

You sign — We do the rest!

Your Advantages when you retain us:
  • Refund of attorney fees on Joint Petition annulments if not granted!
  • Attorney with 25+ years experience represents you
  • NO residency if married in Nevada
  • Documents usually ready in 1 day or less
  • No court appearance in large majority of cases
  • Granted 1-2 weeks or less after filing
  • Full Service Attorney’s office
  • Pay Only Half NOW

Excellent service. Our case was handled in a sensitive, totally professional way. The forms were sent immediately with clear and sound instructions. Our anulment was finalised in less than 2 weeks. I highly recommend Conexa LLC – they made it possible for what we did in Vegas to stay in Vegas!
K.U. London England



  • Refund of Attorney Fees if the annulment is not granted (see terms at the bottom of page)**
  • A licensed Nevada attorney with 25+ years of experience represents your interests
  • If your joint petition annulment is denied by the court, we will refund our attorney fee to you
  • Pay only half now.
  • Your Nevada annulment documents are emailed to you within 24 hours of receiving your Nevada Annulment Form (except weekends and holidays) provided we have all the information we need from you.
  • Dedication to truly serving your needs with compassion, to the best of our ability and power.


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* Court Filing Fees (currently $326 for a Joint Petition annulment; $269 for Complaint; $217 for Answer; $56 court fees for a two-signature annulment, or $61 for a one-signature annulment) and cost of process service (if applicable to your annulment case) is additional. Average process service cost if Defendant can be served in person is $125 in Nevada and $160 in other states. Average cost for publication when required is $150. If Defendant lives outside the U.S. and does not sign the documents, process service fees will be higher.

** Refund Offer and Policy only applies to marriages less than two years old and when both parties sign the annulment documents. A one-signature annulment does not qualify for a refund. Please read our refund policy carefully.