As per newly revised Nevada laws, same-sex couples married in Nevada can now file for an annulment here without having to establish residency. If you were not married in Nevada, but live here or you are willing to establish residency here, you can also file an annulment in Nevada.

Oftentimes, you’ll find it easier to file an annulment in Nevada, rather than dissolve the marriage in your home state, especially if same-sex marriage hasn’t been recognized in that jurisdiction, or if there is a conflict of law, whereby same-sex marriage is legal and recognized, but dissolution of same-sex marriage is not recognized at this time.

Other than the above, dissolving a same-sex marriage though annulment is no different than dissolving an opposite-sex marriage though annulment.

Once you are a Nevada resident, or if you got married here, the process is the same.

If you both agree to sign the documents and your valid reason for getting an annulment is intoxication at the time of a spur-of-the-moment marriage while in Nevada, or your spouse was already married to someone else, read about procesure and cost here: https://nevadaannulment.org/joint_petition_annulment.htm

If your valid reason for an annulment is other than the above and your spouse agrees to sign the documents, read about cost and procedure on our home page: https://nevadaannulment.org/

If your spouse does not agree to sign the annulment documents, read about procedure and cost here: https://nevadaannulment.org/complaint_nevada_annulment.html

Your valid reason must be valid as per Nevada statutes. This explains those reasons in terms you can understand. It also gives real case examples: https://nevadaannulment.org/grounds_for_annulment.html

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