Annul a Las Vegas Marriage

9 Steps to Annul a Las Vegas marriage

Were you married in Las Vegas, or elsewhere in Nevada? You might be eligible to file an annulment in Nevada even if you don’t reside here. There is no residency requirement for annulments of marriages performed anywhere in Nevada. We have been filing annulments in Nevada for more than 25 years and have the experience needed to get even tough annulments granted. 

Here are the 9 steps we would take to obtain a Nevada annulment for you:

  1. We determine if you are eligible: 

* You are eligible to file an annulment in Nevada if you were married in Nevada, or if you live here.
* However, you also need a valid reason as per Nevada Statutes. Do any of these apply to you? If so, we can now move forward.

2.  Once we have determined that you are eligible to file and that you have a valid reason, we’ll ask you to complete and submit this simple online annulment case intake form.   Alternatively, our case intake paralegal takes the information over the phone. Or if a client lives in town, they often come to our office to get things started.  The information collected on your form is what we need to create your annulment documents.

3. We email the documents to you in 24 hours or less to review. 

4. If not changes are needed, you will print them, take them to a notary to sign, then ship the originals to us. We send you explicit, easy-to-understand instructions along with the documents.

5. Once we receive the signed and notarized annulment documents from you, the attorney reviews them again and signs them.

6. We then file your annulment in the appropriate court for your type of annulment case.

7. We will have a decision from the judge within a few days to a few weeks. The exact amount of time it takes depends highly on how busy the court itself is at the time your case is filed, as well as on how busy the judge to whom your case was assigned happens to be at that time. If the judge happens to be in a trial, it would a little longer. 

8. We email the final regular decree to you.

9.  If you requested a certified decree, it will now be sent to you via Priority Mail with a tracking number. 

There is no need for you to return to Las Vegas to get your annulment started. The only reason you might have to come to Las Vegas  to annul a Las Vegas marriage is if your spouse contests the annulment after the case has been filed and the judge has set a trial date. This is extremely rare in our experience. The attorney fully represents you in court and for a typical annulment, there is no need at all for you to come to Las Vegas to annul your marriage.

If the other party is not contesting the annulment, but the judge requests a hearing anyway (rare), you simply appear over the phone while the attorney is in the courtroom.

Of course, you can come to Nevada to handle the whole process in person, but this isn’t required or needed at all. We have successfully represented clients from as far away as China, India, multiple countries in Europe, Myanmar, and more. None of these clients ever came to Las Vegas for their annulments. 

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